2020 The Year of Renew

Welcome to 2020.

Yes, you are living in the future and maybe, like us, you are not sure what to make of it!

The build up to Christmas can be so frantic that January always seems like a recovery period. Apart from our yearly retreat into the South West Forests, we also spend lots of family time together at home sharing what we've discovered on You-Tube. One of Adam's favorite You-tubers is CGP Grey and he recently created an insightful video into why we don't stick to our New Year's Resolutions. Enjoy... then keep reading to learn what our plans will be for 2020.

Taking the lead from CGP Grey we have declared 2020 the "Year of Renew".

If you count the PICA 2007 car boot market as the birth of Future Shelter, we are now 13 years old. No longer the new kid on the block, we have found our niche in a challenging market. Despite our success, it still feels like the ground is shifting under our feet and every year demands a renewed focus.

So what will the "Year of ReNew" look like?

  • Renewed digital presence. Expect a better, fresher online shop and website.
  • Renewed opening hours to allow time for us to develop new work.
  • More one-off designs using renewed materials
  • More conversations like this

OK lets go! The future awaits.

Adam + Jane