Important update

Important update

Ok Folks we have some important business to discuss. Future Shelter will be closed to the public from Thursday 19th March 2020 until the COVID- 19 business is under control. We will contact all outstanding orders and arrange for them to be picked up or collected from the shop at an appointed time. If you require Future Shelter goods (understandably!) and are feeling well and not in quarantine, contact and we may be able to arrange delivery. We are not panicking. We feel we can support all the doctors, nurses and health staff by encouraging social distancing and hopefully you will follow by example.

I'd like to think of this situation like this; we are all aboard the infamous Titanic ship. We've seen the iceberg in the distance. We know it is there and it's too late to circumnavigate around it. The government have instructed us to switch off the engines which is an excellent move. But the ship still has momentum and we all need to make changes to slow it down. If we act proactively, we may just slow it down enough to simply kiss the edge of it and there will be no long term damage.

If we don't all make collective change to slow it down, we will hit that iceberg with more force. There will be more significant long term damage that takes longer to repair.

Stay safe & stay calm.

Jane & Adam x