New timber haul

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New timber haul

Jarrah, along with most West Australian timbers, is notoriously difficult to come by en-masse.

Some of our regular customers may have noticed our serving board stock looking a little "light" over the last few months. Thankfully, our workshop has just received a rather large timber shipment! Now is the time to order from our range of designs while we have the timber available. Our serving and picnic board range can be seen here with all illustrations by artist, Jane Coffey.


Here is a sneak peak at how the timber arrives at our Midland Workshop. Often it is in varied lengths, thicknesses and widths which means the workshop team has to do a bit of wrangling (or machining) to get the timber closer to our standardised serving board sizes. It does mean that sometimes the timber will have natural features included, along with a wide range of beautiful grains.
This process requires a bit of this:

And some of this:


To get to this:

We pride ourselves on having high quality products that will last a long time, and sometimes that means having to be patient to source the best materials we can. This ensures our products are also unique, carrying with them a story of care and manufacture, which will continue to grow as they remain cherished items for years to come.