Grevillea Garden Lampshade - Medium

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Grevillea Garden Lampshade

A collection of Grevilleas found predominately in the conservation garden at Kings Park. The 4,600 square metre Conservation Garden houses approximately 400 species in a gently undulating landscape complete with depressions which become moist or even swampy following winter rainfall to accomodate the needs of the various species.

Grevillea phanerophlebia Prominent Vein Grevillea (Declared Rare Flora - Extant)
Grevillea candicans (Priority 3)
Grevillea saccata Pouched Grevillea (Priority Four)
Grevillea ripicola Collie Grevillea - (Priority Four)
Grevillea elongateIronstone Grevillea (Declared Rare Flora - Extant)
Grevillea asteriscosaStar-leaf Grevillea (Priority Four)
Grevillea bracteosa Not threatened
Grevillea commutate Not threatened

This is our Medium Lampshade, which measures 32cm tall and a diameter of 36cm.
Printed on film. Wire frame with standard fittings. Wipe clean with soft damp cloth.

Please note - our lampshades are shipped with Australia Post, anywhere in Australia for a flat $30.00 postage fee which has been included in the price.

Pictured on a Sheoak Lamp stand, sold separately.